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Flea Market Funk for review


Thanks Flea Market Funk and DJ Prestige for review on 中里 たかし (Takashi Nakazato) – Pista Libre Part 1&2 !! – from review – Nakazato’s “Pista Libre Part 1 + 2” goes right along with the aural output of the label, as this seven is chock full of latin jazz vies and afro-cuban sounds for the duration. Heavy on the saxophone, with deep piano parts and of course Nakazato’s excellent percussion, “Pista Libre” is spicy and smooth at the same time. But of course, you had to figure that he would get that part two going, and well he does. This time it gets a bit heavier overall, laying down some tough bass lines and guitar licks as well as drum solos. While Nakazato has been a veteran of the Japanese nu-jazz scene, he absolutely scores on this latin tinged forty five. A jazz workout by all means, if that’s your bag.



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